The Linux version has been a bit temperamental but I'm still striving to get it working for all. Please let me know if it's being funky for you.

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the other night I opened beeswing and didn't even end up playing, just left the laptop on the opening screen song and cried til I fell asleep. felt like picking strawberries with a child in my heart. saving my CPU now by buying the soundtrack. thanks man

amazing game with the best artstyle in the world. worth it for the soundtrack alone

I love this game! No music with the web version. Can't play download on Mac without Windows emulator because it's 32 bit. 64 bit version? I love this game!

I'm kind of confused...what's the difference between Jack In The Box and the Summer Sale 2020 bundle, aside from the first one being much cheaper? The Jack In The Box description also says all those games are available for free, but some of the links don't seem to work, and at least on all of those games currently do have prices.


not much really, summer sale is mainly if people want to support my work. Everything was free until very recently and the jack in the box was just everything collected, not changed the description. I guess the summer sale includes steam keys for the games on steam. Go for the Jack in the box if you want a deal.

Beeswing proves that Jack King-Spooner is one of the best game devs in the world.


I'm sad that this game isn't on any other languages.. any plans for future language integration?  I have a Cuban friend who speaks NO English but is mesmerized at the game images I've sent her.  If only I could send her a Spanish version.  She's also great with Italian, so if there are any plans for future language releases, please let me know!!


I'd like to but I can't afford it nor do I have the time. Perhaps you could help explain some bits to them.


Yes, tbh I would do it for free but no time, so I would do some of the content if others are willing to do the rest, since the game is extremely rich in readable content it might take one person some weeks to translate it all.

Thank you!  

Beeswing continues to be one of my favorite games of all time.


Music doesn´t play, any idea to solve it?

I think I've played most of the game now, but I seem to be stuck when I wake up next to the girl.. I can't get out of bed or advance the conversation..


oh no, that's right at the end too. Damned at the last hurdle. I'll look into it, thanks for letting me know.

Thanks :)

The save feature doesn't seem to work either.. Nothing happens when I choose "Continue"..

I'm running the game from the app, if that makes any difference..

Deleted 6 years ago

I just ran through the game and it didn't stick for me, I'll have to look into the files, sorry that it stuck for you, don't think you are missing much but it's still a shame though. I think the save feature is botched on the browser version sadly.

Deleted 19 days ago

Same for me. I was playing the game through the itch app, I saved and quit and when I came back later the continue button was no longer greyed out but did nothing. A real shame because I was enjoying it a lot but I don't want to have to repeat myself to get back to where I was.

I love the look of your game. It I had to stop playing after a little while for personal reasons but still good job.


Well, that was utterly breathtaking.

thanks very much

This game is a pure time machine.. It's like being a kid again, going on an adventure.. :)

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