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"These surreal, unforgettable little works will expand your concept of 'games'" LEIGH ALEXANDER, Offworld

A collection of games and soundtracks. These are shorter works, often jam games.

Games include:

It should be noted that a number of these games are available for free elsewhere. This is pretty much a donation with some saucy perks.

£3.20 is about $4.99 for my American chums.

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Published1 year ago


Buy Now£3.20 GBP or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £3.20 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

Blues_for_Mittavinda.zip 65 MB
WYER_In_da_Hood.zip 27 MB
Will you Ever Return 2.zip 138 MB
Will You Ever Return 1.zip 128 MB
Sluggish_Morss_-_A_Delicate_Time_in_Space.zip 94 MB
Sluggish_Morss_ad_infinitum.zip 135 MB
mammoth.zip 147 MB
lets_go_diving.zip 27 MB
wish_alt.zip 37 MB
W.zip 29 MB
Mitt and the Doll.zip 50 MB
Vessel.zip 57 MB
bobuda.zip 38 MB
Inventor.zip 53 MB
Boogerman Shits.zip 29 MB
Chapter three.zip 31 MB
Spiderman 4.zip 38 MB
Blues for Mittavinda soundtrack.zip 19 MB
Sluggish Morss 3 OST.zip 84 MB
first month Stage songs.zip 68 MB
Patreon March Music.zip 144 MB
patreon music february.zip 51 MB
radio edit.zip 56 MB
Sluggish Purple Sun Soundtrack.zip 86 MB
some beeswing songs.zip 77 MB
songs and sounds of inventor.zip 7 MB
Jack King-Spooner - Sluggish Morss - Extended Soundtrack.zip 181 MB
talk on games and art 2.pdf 86 kB