Very rare limited Physical Copies for your consideration.

Introducing the very limited Physical Jack in the Box!

Only 15 available!

The Physical Jack in the Box includes:

  • A handcrafted case made from recycled paper. Each case is individually designed and painted.
  • DVD containing all my games and music.
  • An original drawing or painting from one of my games!
  • An original print from the Sluggish Morss universe.
  • A micro-zine that has a transcription of one of my talks.
  • A recipe and a postcard from Beeswing.

Postage and packaging included


Get Jack in the Box - The Collected Works of Jack King-Spooner

Buy Now£10.00 GBP or more


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Since I didnt know where to contact you I wanted to just thank you for putting this stuff out there and come one of these rockpapershotgun what are you playing columns, I will mention you there under the alias stardreamcan in the comments


Hi jackspinoza, is there any chance to get Physical Jack in the Box!, I like your games and art a lot, it would be great to collect them for review and my collection. :)